Our Services

We are a catering company fully dedicated to espresso and coffee beverages.

Espresso Cart 

The basic espresso cart package includes the 2 hours of service and up to 50 guests. The staffing, cart and products are included for the following menu; Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha and Hot Chocolate. Whole or Oat milk options and vanilla, caramel, and whip cream are included.

Drip Coffee Delivery

Drip coffee delivery service includes coffee, cups, lids, creamer, and sugar and stevia. Drip coffee is available in three different service levels.

Our basic option includes coffee delivery in cardboard beverage dispensers with no clean up or pick up after event.

Medium option is delivery in black catering beverage dispenser pick up is included.

Luxury coffee service includes silver flame chaffing urn dispensers.

Custom Sticker Cups

Starting at $100, you provide the design and we will order and apply the compostable stickers to our compostable cups prior to your service for a fun way to customize the espresso bar.

Affogato Bar

Affogato; Italian for "Drowned"

A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. The staffing, cart, vanilla affogatos, espresso shots, and Americanos are included in the service for a truly Italian coffee and dessert experience.

Add on Hot Tea and Chai

An optional add on to the espresso bar for non-coffee drinkers. We include an assortment of caffeinated and herbal teas and a spicy chai latte.

Hot Chocolate Toppings Bar

Add a fun and interactive element to the bar with a toppings bar for hot chocolate. Guests can embellish their cocoa with whip cream, caramel, cookie pieces or vanilla wafers and more.

What Our Clients Say

Coffee Cups

Janina; Hotel Events Manager

Our Favorite Coffee Cart! We absolutely love working with Subconscious Coffee at Calistoga Ranch. Robyn and her team are incredibly talented and great to work with. Not only is the coffee incredible, we love incorporating affogato and espresso stations into the experience as well.